About TaunyaDo you like what you do? My answer would be I do not just like what I do, I LOVE WHAT I DO!

In reality there are three most important days in a persons life, graduating college, getting married and the day their child is born. These moments hold a special place in a persons heart that will never be forgotten. I believe a persons wedding day should do just that, always hold a special place in a persons heart. My goals as an event coordinator are to make sure my clients are relaxed, worry free, and are having the time of their lives.

The day of my best friends wedding is when I realized I wanted to be a wedding coordinator. Here I am at my girlfriends wedding as one of her bridesmaids, watching her give orders and conduct the whole ceremony and reception by herself, mind you, she hired a coordinator whom was actually there but wasnt doing what she was suppose to be doing. Being that I was in the wedding, I really could not assist her in that department, as I really wanted too. Nevertheless, in an instance, certain personality instincts kicked in that day, lets just say my girlfriend appreciated everything I could handle for her at that moment. I guess you can say I have a soft spot in my heart for weddings.

Being in the event planning business, you have to have an outgoing personality, remarkable service driven mind, interpersonal skills and must be a fast thinker! My background training as a producer of theatrical plays and many years as a supervisor of a client driven business, gave me the patience and knowledge on how to serve our clients while getting the job done! There will always be situation that may occur beyond a persons control. These qualities should come out during these high-pressure moments so our client and their guests are unaffected and are only aware of the spectacular event that is taken place!

I have been with Carpe Diem since its birth and I am dedicated not only to the success of the company but the success of each one of our clients event. My motto, Life is Amazing, live each day like its your last.