Tracy & Ken

Thanks to Slomique Hawrylo at Carpe Diem I had the wedding I always dreamed about as a little girl. I can never thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication. We had an 18 month engagement and hired Slomique very early on. She was with us every step of the way and offered us immense support and guidance. She not only a phenomenal special events planner but a good listener and friend as well. Whenever I had a bride breakdown moment, she would put a smile on my face and encourage me that everything will be perfect! Slomique also went above and beyond to ensure our wedding had all the extras. If something didn’t fit in the budget she would replace it with another great idea. It’s been over two years since my wedding and guest still rave to me about the amazing time they had. Many people say it’s the best wedding they’ve attended. Thanks to Carpe Diem, the unique decor, warm ambiance and exceptional attention to detail made our day unforgettable.


Tina & Steve

Hi Ladies

Seriously, you guys are amazing. Steven and I had the best time ever yesterday! The ballroom was AMAZING!!! It was my dream wedding!

Thank you guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I don’t think we can express how grateful and amazing you guys are. I want to do it again and again it was so amazing!!!!! I loveeeeed everything.

Thank you again sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina & Steven


Janny & Eric

Wow, where do Eric and I even begin to thank you guys? How do we thank you for the most beautiful and amazing wedding EVER, for something that we will remember for the rest of our lives??? We want to thank you guys from the bottom of hearts at this wedding truly, truly would not have been possible without your diligence, care, professionalism, and love.

We can’t express how appreciative we are, for every minute you planned out for us, to every single little detail you kept track of for us. We even had a few of our married friends marvel at how organized and efficient you were getting us through ALL the tables. The flowers, the decorations, the candles, etc, we could go on and on how beautiful everything was. You literally made our wedding look like a million bucks (seriously, people are wondering how much we spent on our wedding!)

Most importantly, Eric and I never stressed or worried once during the entire process with you guys leading the charge, and I think that allowed us to truly take in and enjoy the whole day.


Eunice & Bernie

Dear Alice & Slomique,

Finally after the Big Day being done and with a little bit of long overdue rest and relaxation in our systems, me and Eunice want to thank you for the most amazing wedding experience ever!

If it wasn’t for your patience, advice, and assistance on all things big and small and important (there is no such thing as unimportant when it comes to wedding planning ;), our wedding would have never been the WOW that all of our friends and family (and especially us) keeping raving about.

You made our beautiful, wonderful celebration something that exceeded our expectations way way beyond whatever wedding magazines tell you is supposed to be the benchmark of cool, sophisticated, modern, and fun. There is no better feeling in the world than thinking that our very own wedding was perfect. My only regret is that I never got a shot at tasting the mushroom ravioli everyone kept stealing from each other.

As a token of our appreciation, Eunice and I would like to send you some gifts this week (and to Slomique a A happy belated birthday gift too). If you could forward to us your preferred mailing addresses, that would be great.

Have an amazing week. We look forward to catching up with you in person before we move to Korea later this month.

All the best,

Eunice & Bernie


Bonnie & Ryan

Slomique and Carpe Diem Events gave me the wedding of my dreams last year. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Not only was she there to help me every step of the way to create the most beautiful and memorable day of my life, but she became a friend in the process. Slomique and her team did a fantastic job. From the flowers and cake, to the linens and decor Carpe Diem was on it. She works with your budget and helps you every step of the way.

Slomique adds the extra little touches that make your day so special. Whether it’s a calming word, or the perfect broach on your bouquet, Slomique will be there to add the little perfections that only she can. She will make you feel like you are her only bride, and her friend. I can not recommend Carpe Diem enough! She is absolutely amazing. Slomique did such a fantastic job. I can’t thank her enough for making all of my dreams come true on my wedding day!


Rhea & Eric

Just got back from the honeymoon and I don’t know how to send Facebook pictures/comments to you but my brother referred to Slomique as intrepid and my Aunt Laura also commented on his comment on what a terrific job you guys did.

Eric’s mom is still singing praises two weeks later. And here’s a quote that one of our guests posted on my FB page: Everything was PERFECT from the incredible flowers, decor, appetizers, the signature drink, the thoughtful baskets in the restrooms~amazing.

Thanks again for everything! Eric thanks you as well!


Patty & Brian

She is the best Wedding planner ever!!! She made my ideas into reality. My Wedding day and reception was just beautiful and it was all because of her. I am a control freak and she took things into her own hands and everything was better. More then I could have expected.

My flowers were just gorgeous, and she help design them herself. She is well worth the cost if not more. My mother said she was a blessing and was grateful to have her apart of the day because she feels that Slomique was the reason for such a wonderfully flawless and stress free day.

Abby & Aryan

My husband and I were recently married and used Carpe Diem Events. Slomique was our day-of coordinator and did a fantastic job.

She was so efficient and precise, I would have been lost without her. The wedding went so smoothly with no surprises because she and her team were so on top of things, I could just relax and enjoy the day. The best surprise was the honeymoon suite after the night was over, we came back to the suite to find rose petals on the floor and the bed, champagne and strawberries, along with all the flower arrangements artfully placed in our room.

Not to mention the rehearsal Slomique took the reins and showed the whole bridal party exactly what to do and where to go so there was no question.

Thanks, Carpe Diem,

For making my day so special!

Michelle & Billy

My husband actually found Slomique and Carpe Diem Events on the internet. He was the person that thought that for our wedding that we should hire her.

I’m so happy that I listened to my husband. Slomique made the whole planning our wedding experience easy and fun. She was a true pleasure to work with. I don’t think that I would have the amazing memories of my wedding day without Slomique’s and her staff’s help.

Melissa & Matt

My wedding would not have been the same without Slomique. From the chairs to the linens to the altar decorations to the gift table decorations and every little detail in between. She gives you 100% when planning your wedding. She listens to exactly what you want and then takes it up a few notches all while working within your budget.

This was my first time working with an event planner and all I can tell you is that if someone out there is considering whether or not to spend the extra money to hire her, she is worth every single cent. Slomique will make your life MUCH easier. Planning a wedding is a very stressful event and having her takes the weight off. (lots of weight! like 10 tons of weight!) I also must add that on top of her many talents, Slomique is above all, a professional. She makes her clients feel as if they are the only one that she is working with.

I cannot recommend Carpe Diem Events enough. it will be one of the best decisions that you can make!!!


Laniqua & Terrence

Carpe Diem is the absolute best there is. My wedding was over a year ago and there is not one person I haven’t mentioned her to. I loved her hands down, bar none.

Her style and creativity is brilliant. My situation was so unique because my wedding was in California and most of my guest and wedding party however, I were in Arizona for my senior year of college. Slomique made everything so easy and simple for me. I was able to plan the wedding and keep up with finals. I know didn’t make her job easy, as I never followed through with our timelines but she always remained calm and flexible.

There aren’t enough words to show my gratitude. My wedding was absolutely gorgeous and all of my guest are still talking about how, by far the most organized, beautiful and fun wedding they’ve ever been to. Thanks Slomique you are AMAZING!!! Love you so much.


Courtney & Dennis

Carpe Diem Special Events made my wedding amazing! Slomique was so wonderful and I was able to trust her with everything, which can be really scary for a bride.

Everything that I told her I wanted she made happen and she went above and beyond and exceeded all my expectations. Our wedding was beautiful and every detail was executed in a way that I could never imagined.

Thank you to Slomique and her team at Carpe Diem for planning the wedding of my dreams!