About LeeIt all started with a connection over coffee. One day while I was sitting in Starbucks, I was looking through a wedding magazine getting prepared to plan my Dream Wedding. Of course like any bride, I was going to do it all by myself with the help of my friends and family. Until, I was approached by Slomique. She had this huge smile of excitement on her face and she said, Someone’s getting married!!! I replied, Yes I am. Not knowing who she was I felt extremely comfortable speaking with her about this special moment. This was my first time getting married so I did not know what to expect. All I knew is that I wanted this day to be perfect. She asked me a few questions about my day that gave me so much insight on how to budget, make sensible decisions as well as other important things to make sure that I had the best wedding possible. There was one question that stuck to me that day moving forward. Who will take over the day once you are the Bride? And all I can think of at that moment was who was worthy enough to understand how I envisioned my day without sacrificing themselves from having a good time; Running around to make sure that my day Flawless. This is when I knew it was imperative to have a coordinator for my Big Day!!!!!!!

I have been with Carpe Diem for 8 years now and it has been an Amazing journey. Carpe Diem has been there for me not only to plan my wedding day but for things such as my first home purchase and the birth of my daughter, Miss Saniya.

To know that the Brides I work with today have the same expectation I did years ago drives me to give each and every one of them nothing but my absolute best. I always consider all things that will happen during the process and will always go above and beyond my limits to make these next months are as smooth as possible.