Carpe Diem gives advice in an editorial in Get Married Magazine.

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A dessert bar offers a fun and whimsical alternative to the traditional wedding reception. Life is short, eat dessert first!

A wedding is supposed to be a party! So, give your guests the chance to let go, have fun and be a kid again. Help them say good-bye to responsibilities and worries and let them eat cake! But, why only cake? This is a celebration! Let your guests eat brownies, cupcakes, cheesecake and pie; anything they want! With a dessert bar, you can!

“When people see a dessert bar for the first time their first question is always ‘oh my gosh, where do I start?’, Christopher Hewitt of Southern Graces said. “We just tell them to eat them all, whatever they like, and they love having the choice.”

While everyone loves having such a great selection, a dessert bar is also a great way to personalize your reception and add a touch of where you came from.

“You could have an assortment of cookies that your grand-mother always made when you were little or even your fiance’s favorite cookie,” Slomique Hawrylo of Carpe Diem suggested. “You could even serve them with little mini-milks with your wedding date on the container.”

You could even use the dessert bar as décor and replace the centerpiece with a multi-level dessert presentation.

“Why not incorporate a glass cylinder of different candies or cookies on different levels,” Slomique Hawrylo said. “You can do it according to your color scheme so it all matches.”

Take it all the way! Life is short so eat dessert first, right? You could scratch the formal “real food” reception all
together if you wanted and just have a dessert reception.

“If you’re going to have a dessert reception I would suggest maybe early afternoon or later after the dinner hour is over, so when your guests come, they’re not counting on being fed,” Dawn Cowart of Traditionally Modern said. “You also need to note that in your invitation, that you’re going to have a dessert reception and dancing.”

Give your guests an awesome experience; let them get in touch with their inner kid and make a meal out of a
plate full of sprinkles and candy.

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